Does It Snow In Sacramento – Snowfall Information

Does It Snow In Sacramento

Sacramento, California, known for its sunny weather and beautiful landscapes, is not typically associated with snow. However, while the region doesn’t experience as much snowfall as many other parts of the country, it still sees its fair share of the white stuff during the winter months.

In this section, we will provide detailed information about snowfall patterns and climate in Sacramento, answering the question “Does It Snow In Sacramento?” Once you’ve finished reading this section, you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect from Sacramento’s winter weather.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sacramento does receive snowfall during the winter months, although it is not as much as other parts of the country.
  • The average annual snowfall in Sacramento is around 0.3 inches per year.
  • The snowiest month in Sacramento is typically February, although heavy snowfall can occur at other times as well.
  • The climate in Sacramento is generally mild with dry summers and wet winters.
  • While snow may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Sacramento, it is still an important part of the region’s winter weather.

Sacramento’s Winter Climate

Sacramento’s winter climate is considered mild compared to other regions in the United States. The average high temperature during the winter months hovers around 57°F, while the average low temperature drops to around 40°F. However, the city does experience snowfall during the winter months.

The annual average snowfall in Sacramento is approximately 0.3 inches, with some years experiencing no snow at all. The snowfall typically occurs in the mountains surrounding the city, with the Sierra Nevada mountain range receiving the most significant snowfall.

When snow does fall in the city, it is usually during the months of December, January, and February, with January being the snowiest month. The snow accumulation is usually light and melts quickly, with most of it gathering on grassy areas and roofs. However, there have been instances of heavy snowfall in Sacramento’s history, such as the winter of 1972 when more than 10 inches of snow fell in a single day.

Sacramento’s Regions with Snowfall

While Sacramento’s annual snowfall average is relatively low, there are regions within the city where snowfall is more common. The northern parts, such as the neighborhoods of Natomas and Rio Linda, tend to receive more snowfall than the southern regions of the city, such as Elk Grove and Laguna. This is due to the northern regions being higher in elevation compared to the south.

Overall, while Sacramento’s winter climate may not be as cold or snowy as some other regions in the United States, the city still experiences some level of snowfall during the winter months. It is important to be prepared for cooler temperatures and the possibility of snow accumulation if planning a visit or moving to the city during the winter season.

Snowfall Patterns in Sacramento

Sacramento experiences a mild winter climate, with occasional snowfall occurring mostly in the northern and eastern regions of Sacramento County. The snowiest month in Sacramento is typically February, but heavy snow accumulation can occur at any time during the winter months.

Month in Sacramento

December is the beginning of winter, and snowfall sometimes occurs during this month. However, January doesn’t usually see much snowfall. February is typically the snowiest month in Sacramento, with an average of 1 inch of snow falling throughout the month. March and April see very little or no snow, with May marking the end of the winter season.

Snow Accumulation

Although snowfall in Sacramento is typically light, it can accumulate quickly and cause travel disruptions. The average snowfall in Sacramento is 0.3 inches per year, but this number can vary greatly depending on the specific winter season. For example, in February 2019, Sacramento received over 6 inches of snowfall.

Snow Fell

Heavy snowfall in Sacramento is not particularly common, but it does happen on occasion. In December 2016, Sacramento received over 8 inches of snowfall, causing widespread travel disruptions and damage to trees and power lines. The last time Sacramento experienced a significant snowfall event was in February 2019 when over 6 inches of snow fell in a single day.

Sacramento’s Snowfall Data

When it comes to snowfall in Sacramento, the city doesn’t typically get a lot of it. The average annual snowfall in Sacramento is only about 0.3 inches. This means that snow accumulation is relatively rare in the city, with snow falling infrequently and in small amounts.

Interestingly, the most snow that has ever fallen in a single day in Sacramento occurred all the way back in December 1882, when a record-breaking 3 inches (7.6 cm) of snow fell on the city. This remains the heaviest snowfall Sacramento has ever experienced in a single day.

While snow in Sacramento is not unheard of, it is certainly not a common occurrence. On average, the city experiences snow only once every few years, and even then, the snow accumulation is typically minimal. So, while it may be exciting to see snow in Sacramento, residents and visitors shouldn’t expect to see much of it during the winter months.

Sacramento’s Coldest Temperatures

When it comes to winters in Sacramento, temperatures can get quite chilly. The average low temperature during the month of December is around 39°F (4°C). However, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to drop even lower than that.

Record-Breaking Cold Snaps

In the past, Sacramento has experienced some record-breaking cold snaps. One of the coldest periods in Sacramento’s history occurred in January of 1888 when temperatures dropped to an all-time low of 17°F (-8°C).

Another notable cold snap occurred in January of 2007 when the temperature dropped to 22°F (-6°C). This might not seem as extreme as the drop in 1888, but it was still the fifth-coldest day on record for Sacramento.

How Cold Does It Get in Sacramento?

Overall, while Sacramento might not experience the extreme cold that some other parts of the country do, temperatures can still get quite chilly during the winter months.

The average low temperature during the month of January is around 38°F (3°C). However, there have been instances where temperatures have dropped into the teens, so it’s important to be prepared for the possibility of cold weather.


In conclusion, while winters in Sacramento might not be as frigid as those in other parts of the country, it’s still important to be aware of the potential for cold temperatures. By being prepared for chilly weather, you can ensure that you stay safe and comfortable throughout the winter months.

Snowfall Possibility in Sacramento’s Northern and Southern Regions

Sacramento is located in the Central Valley of California, and its climate is influenced by several factors, including the proximity to the coast and the mountain ranges. As a result, the snowfall patterns in Sacramento can vary depending on the region.

Snowfall in Northern Sacramento

The northern part of Sacramento has a higher chance of receiving snowfall than the southern part due to its elevation and proximity to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The northern regions of Sacramento, such as Auburn and Grass Valley, typically receive more snowfall than the rest of Sacramento. These areas can receive up to 5 inches of snow per year.

Snowfall in Southern Sacramento

The southern region of Sacramento, such as Elk Grove and Galt, has a lower chance of receiving snowfall. It is because the southern areas are at a lower elevation compared to the northern regions and are farther away from the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Therefore, the southern part of Sacramento has a much lower average snowfall, with some regions receiving only trace amounts of snow per year.

Overall, Sacramento’s snowfall potential is heavily dependent on its location within the city. Northern regions, including Auburn and Grass Valley, have a higher chance of getting snow, while the southern part has a lower chance. However, it is essential to note that the snowfall patterns in Sacramento can vary from year to year and are subject to change.


After exploring Sacramento’s winter climate and snowfall patterns, we can conclude that while snowfall is not as common or frequent as in other regions, Sacramento does experience some snow during the winter months. The annual average snowfall in Sacramento is around 0.3 inches, with the snowiest month being January.

The temperatures during winter can drop to around 40°F, but record-breaking cold snaps are rare.

It is worth noting that there are differences in snowfall possibility and accumulation between Sacramento’s northern and southern regions.

In summary, Sacramento’s winter climate and snowfall patterns provide a unique perspective on the season, and while snowfall is not a regular occurrence, it is still a significant aspect of the winter climate in Sacramento.

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